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Issue 7/2019

In this issue you will find a poetic series about a Japanese ballerina in New York, captured by the Japanese photographer Sayuri Ichida; a long-term project about young sumo wrestlers by Clément Paradis; and rare insight into the life of the Roma in the centre of Perpignan, photographed by Jeanne Taris.

Armin Smailovic presents sensitive portraits of acting students who are just starting out in their professional careers; and in our Leica Classics segment you will discover the work of British Magnum photographer, Ian Berry.

In the technology section of the issue, you can learn more about the new Summicron-SL 50, and read a report on Leica’s compact cameras. In addition, you will find part one of our conversation with Stefan Daniels, Head of Product Management at Leica, speaking about opportunities, crises and competitors. 

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We Europeans photograph like we construct complex buildings; the Japanese photograph like they are singing a well-known song.
Clément Paradis

I don’t see why I shouldn’t do both!”


Clément Paradis’s ‘Ken’ project follows Japanese children as they take their first steps into the time-honoured world of Sumo wrestling. However, the French photographer also spent time outside of the arena. He explains to us what he considers special about taking pictures in Japan.

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